Use Amazon Marketing Services Ads

Reach shoppers interested in your products by advertising on Amazon. Sponsored ads are created and managed by you to help meet your goals. Create ads in minutes. You control the cost. No monthly or upfront fee. Help reach more shoppers. No ad experience needed.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers effective tools to help vendors stand out against their competitors and drive traffic to product detail pages and branded pages.

These types of ads can send traffic to:
Amazon Stores.
A custom URL (made of three parent products)
A best-selling product.

Specifically, the ability to target individual product detail pages gives sellers an opportunity to introduce their products directly alongside competitor products when consumers are at the last stage prior to conversion.

In the video below, Pat Petriello, Senior Marketplace Strategist at CPC Strategy explains:

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
Product-based targeting vs. Interest-based targeted
How to Leverage Headline Search Ads To Increase Visibility
The Relationship Between Keywords & Ad Copy
How to Target Your Competitors with Product Display Ads

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